Add H2 & H3 Tags

Where appropriate, we’ll add h2 or h3 tags to break up your content and make it more readable for both search engines AND your audience.

Slug Check

Does your url slug match the content and contain the right keywords? We’ll make sure it does and remove any stop words that search engines don’t really read anyways.

Keyword <-> Content Match

Search engines want to make sure that you’re writing for people – not just their crawlers. We’ll make sure that your content appropriately fits your keywords of choice and suggest edits if appropriate where it could be better optimized for human readability.

Image Alt Tags

We’ll make sure your keyword is included somewhere in your image’s alt tags.

Title Tag Optimization

Your ‘big’ tags (like your h1 tag and title tag) should have some kind of reference to your intended keyword. We’ll make sure that’s true when we go through your post and optimize it.

Snippet Re-write

Your snippets are the little piece of text that appears underneath your title in search results.We’ll make sure its just as attention grabbing as your title.

Internal and External Linking

Linking to both inside and outside sources teaches search engines more about how your site is structure, and possible related sites, so it can show your content to the people most likely to be searching for it.

Canonical Link Setting

A canonical link is the definitive link in the eyes of a search engine. We’ll make sure links to your content stay consistent and findable to the search engines with canonical links.

Readability Check

While we’re not going to go in and edit your entire post, we’ll make basic edits for readability where needed. We’ll do a quick grammar check and add headlines and/or bullet points where it is appropriate.