Post Optimization for WordPress Sites

Optimize the Long-Term Potential of Your Content

Why do you do make content? If you’re like most business owners, it is to promote your product & website to get it into view of potential customers.

So how do people find these articles you pour your heart and soul into? Its usually one of two ways:

1.) Short-term promotion of the post (think social media promotion, sharing with your list, etc.)

2.) Long-term benefits from search traffic (think people typing in keywords to Google and coming across your article)

Make sure you get something out of those hours in the long-haul. How? Make sure your posts are optimized for search engines so when Google starts to say “Hey, this is a real site with content relevant to what people are searching for, let’s get it ranking” after about six months of starting to blog, you can be confident that when your articles show up in search, it is relevant to the users’s query. Your traffic will be better qualified and stay for longer.


We’ll optimize however many WordPress blog posts you can send us for only $49/month.

We also offer a $529/year option, if paying for things up-front is more of your style.

What are the caveats? There aren’t many, really.

The big one is that your dedicated optimizer will only be able to work on one blog post at a time, so if you request optimizations for 20 posts, you will not receive optimizations back on all of them the next day. Your optimizer will go through them and optimize them one by one.

We’re also assuming you’re running WordPress.

What’s Included

See more details about each of these on our services page.

  • Title tag optimization
  • Optimizing snippets
  • Editing headlines
  • Editing alt tags
  • Ensuring keyword – content match
  • Improving readability where appropriate
  • Adding relevant internal and external links
  • …And everything else SEO related

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